Floor scale structure and working principle

Keywords: Time:2023-12-28


The floor scale is a larger electronic platform scale. Due to the use of load cells, it overcomes the need to dig deep pits for floor scales and creates a structure without a foundation pit.At the same time, you can also set up some modern management and trade settlement functions as needed, expanding the scope of work and improving work efficiency and economic benefits.

Electronic floor scale structure and composition:

(1) Foundation part: Use concrete to pour anchor screws into the base plate to ensure that it can be fixed on the ground for subsequent correct installation; at the same time, ensure the strength of the supporting stress points.

(2) The load-bearing scale body part: It needs to be composed of multiple sections connected to each other, and it is installed on the embedded parts.This is the main part of the load bearing force of the weighing object. Through induction, its gravity can be transmitted to the sensor.

(3) Loading sensor part: The weighing sensor is installed between the basic part and the part carrying the scale body. It is a device that can convert the weighing gravity signal into an electronic signal.Generally speaking, floor scales are composed of multiple load cells.

(4) Junction box part: The junction box mainly integrates the electronic signals of multiple load cells, and then transmits them to the weighing display, through which the specific weighing value is displayed.

(5) Weighing indicator part: After the signal from the junction box is processed and internally converted by the weighing indicator, the weight of the object can be displayed.

How a floor scale works

After placing the weighing object on the load-bearing scale body, a certain gravity will appear on the load-bearing scale body, and the scale body will transmit the force distribution to each sensor.In the sensor, the original gravity signal is converted into an electronic signal through the force deformation of the strain gauge, and then the electronic signal is transmitted to the junction box for sorting and integration.The specific weighing information is collected and processed through the weighing indicator, and then the weighing value can be displayed. In addition, the weighing indicator can also be connected to the computer.The organization of data information through tool software facilitates users to analyze, store and other related work on data.