Floor Scale Operation And Maintenance

Keywords: Time:2023-12-28

Floor scale operation

When purchasing a floor scale, you should choose products from large scale scale factories with good quality and good reputation to ensure the performance and after-sales service of the scale. When installing, invite professional technicians from the manufacturer to install and debug to ensure installation quality and normal use.Before use, you should first check whether the scale body is flexible, whether all supporting parts are faulty, and whether they are working properly. After starting up, it needs to be warmed up for a period of time. The preheating time is generally not less than 30 minutes. It can be used only after the instrument display is stable.During the weighing process, the vehicle should drive into the weighing platform slowly (or handle heavy objects as gently as possible) and the speed should be less than 55km/h. It should not brake suddenly and the vehicle should stay in the center of the weighing platform as much as possible.After the vehicle has stopped and is measured, the instrument must read the correct weight value when the "stable" indicator light is on.


Floor scale maintenance

In order to avoid direct collision with vehicles and erosion from rain and snow, the sensors should be installed in a hidden manner.The scale platform panel and sloped panel should have anti-slip effect; in order to ensure that the system eliminates faults, is protected from wind and rain erosion, and is conducive to operation, a work shed and a measuring scale room should be set up.There should be a gap of 10~15mm at the junction of the scale platform and the approach slope, and no jamming or friction should occur; it is necessary to regularly check whether there are foreign objects in the limit gap, whether the gap is reasonable, and whether the screws in various parts are loose.It is necessary to avoid long-term accumulation of water in the foundation pit after rain; it is necessary to regularly inspect the grounding points of each line to prevent problems before they occur, and to check whether the connections are firm and whether they are oxidized.The load of the truck to be measured should not exceed the rated maximum weighing setting of the system.

In order to ensure the normal measurement of scales, electrical floor scales should be calibrated according to the calibration cycle; operators must be trained and master normal operating procedures before they can operate. Repair personnel should communicate with the manufacturer's technical personnel in a timely manner when the floor scale fails.Do not disassemble any parts at will, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy or damage the system; the instrument should be placed in a place without electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight, and do not clock in at will.Before powering on the system, you must check whether the power supply and grounding device are reliable. When shutting down after get off work, you must unplug the power plug of the instrument and cut off the power supply. During thunderstorms, cut off the power plug of the scale in time and install a leakage protector.Pushton after-sales service hotline: 400-863-9919.